European and national projects in the vocational and adult education - SME 2.0 project closing conference

SME 2.0 consortium organised the final conference on the 13th of September in 2013 at Szent István University, Gödöllő. The aim of the conference was to disseminate the results of SME 2.0 project and to share experiences on European Leonardo da Vinci  - LLP. projects, transfer of innovations in the field of the vocational and adult education. The audience - teachers from Hungarian vocational schools, professors from universities, SME 2.0 project partners and the members of the Innolearn Cluster - could see presentations on eight  closing/starting or running LdV projects, and summaries on the European trends, initiatives related to the vocational and adult education, like EQF and the ongoing development of it's Hungarian implementation: on the Hungarian Quailification Framework.


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