Curriculum - books

One of the main conclusion of the adapted SMELearning methodology and the SME 2.0 surveys had been that the mainstream courses - with a huge amount of theoretical contents - were not meeting the needs of SMEs. At the same time the surveys confirmed that all the four topics - listed above - are very important for the daily business of the small and medium enterprises, and that the managers and employees are lack of IT competences to make the work more effective on these fields. The final decision of the consortium had been, that we use the elaborated modules (S1-S4) as background contents for the courses while the focus will be put on the practical use of free IT tools in the daily work of SMEs. 
The author/editor of the modules was Hungarian partner, the West Hungarian University, and every module had been reviewed by another partner. The final versions of the modules had been tested in Hungary and Italy by involving the representatives of the target group. The partners agreed, that all the contents created by the consortium can be used freely after the project period, and will be published under Creative Commons (CC BY) license. Every partner and all the visitors of the portal can use/rewrite/update these learning contents according the needs of their participants of their future courses.